The Syrup Factory is a purpose-lead company.

Our mission:

  • help artists amplify their brand and find an audience
  • connect audiences with artists in a meaningful way

As a consulting service, we work directly with artists to develop strategy and manage business.

As a presenter, all shows are carefully curated to offer the highest-quality art in an environment designed to keep you in the moment and feel inspired.

The Syrup Factory is also an actual place: A 19th Century house in North End Halifax, Canada, which used to be a small cordial-making factory (hence "The Syrup Factory"). Abandoned for 13 years, it was beautifully restored by Scott and Laura Simpson, who knew from the beginning that it would be a place for the community to come together to support connection and creativity. There is room for 60 people inside and 80-100 outside. We welcome a diverse and loving audience that respects the artist and other audience members. Since 2011, all ticket proceeds have gone directly to the artist (and sometimes to charities we support).

In 2016, The Syrup Factory launched Make.Do.Camp., partnering with Brave Space to offer an unplugged retreat for creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs in a camp setting.

About the Founder of The Syrup Factory, Laura Simpson:

Laura has been an avid live music fan since she was 14, going to all-ages shows and then eventually taking photos of her favourite artists, including the cover shot of Joel Plaskett's Truthfully Truthfully album.  She eventually started freelance writing and interviewed Sarah McLachlan, Nelly Furtado, Boy George and more. That lead her to journalism school, where she reported for CBC and Rogers Radio for four years. 

Eventually she found her way back into the music world and worked as Export Development Officer and Communications Manager for Music Nova Scotia. She has also managed and produced for the Halifax Jazz Festival, CAPACOA, the East Coast Music Association. In 2015, Laura mentored with the top-tier music marketing team at Black Box in Los Angeles, mentoring with Livia Tortella.

She has juried for Music Nova Scotia, Halifax Pop Explosion, CBC Music Searchlight competition and the Junos.