The Syrup Factory, in North End Halifax (around the corner from The Commons), has welcomed guests into the home of Laura and Scott Simpson since 2011. We've hosted artists who have previewed new albums (Jenn Grant), offered unique acoustic shows (In-Flight Safety), played our intimate venue before being internationally signed (Vogue Dots) and visited us from other places (Jim Bryson).

Our policy is simple: offer the best music and treat artists and audiences like gold.

We offer a mix of emerging and established artists and a variety of genres. Sometimes our shows are quiet and acoustic, sometimes they are plugged in rock or electronic. Kids are always welcome. Shows are early. And you can always count on feeling part of a welcoming and loving community that offers yummy snacks and chill vibes.

Early shows.
Great atmosphere.
Listening audience.

We almost always sell-out ! If you don't want to risk missing the ticket sale and you want to support this grassroots community, buy a membership. Here are the options:


  • Guaranteed ticket to minimum of 5 shows, transferrable to a friends
  • Guaranteed seating
  • Your favourite snacks at every show
  • The Syrup Factory branded glass with your name on it
  • The Syrup Factory end-of-year mix tape (in the format of your choice)


  • Guaranteed ticket to three shows of your choice(transferrable to a friend)
  • Guaranteed seating

If you'd like to buy for someone else, simply select 'Yes' for gift and enter their name and email. We'll send you a little card in the mail for you to present to them.

If you want to buy a membership two people, or for yourself and a mate, simply select 'Patron Couple' or 'Superfan Couple'. 

If you have any questions, just email thesyrupfactory @

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